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“There is power in the Name of Jesus, to break every chain…”

Attending the EITI conference in Dallas Texas  9-12 Oct 2013

Attending the EITI conference in Dallas Texas
9-12 Oct 2013

I attended the EITI Dance conference in Dallas Texas last week. What an awesome experience with God! To be able to speak life into your nation – prophetically and to just worship God.

Have you ever experienced this?: While sleeping you praying in tongues? I had not planned it or anything. It was only after the second night I realised this. Awesome. God is faithful. That time was spiritual warfare for what is happening back home! The devil is just a devil… as my dear friend would say – and he is a liar. God be exalted and glorified.

I woke up this morning with the song “There is power in the Name of Jesus, to break every chain…” Hallelujah!
What a powerful God we serve!

May you have a blessed day. And should you minister this weekend, give God your all (2 Corinthians 5:7 and Hebrews 4:12)

Book soon available… “Let the Levites dance!”

My second dance book - taking the dance minister closer to be bound to God

My second dance book – taking the dance minister closer to be bound to God

It is an honour and purely grace to inform you that my second book “Let the Levites dance!” will be available beginning October 2013.

Glory unto God!

It was a journey of discovery for me.

It is my prayer that as you read this book, you will discover the deeper part of God – to have a relationship with Him, and in effect to be bound to Him, the Author and Finisher of our faith. May you excell in your ministry, as you minister unto God, and reach out to the nations to bring them unto God, also bound to Him.

God bless you!

Book 3… Grace and Mercy, through Excellence

Grace & Mercy, through ExcellenceWith my second book at off to the publisher, I am have embraced my third journey.

It is me with the Bible in the hand, reading up, searching and cross referencing to the Strong Concordance reference book and then some soul searching for me as a dance minister. I am asking God: “Why this theme, and where am I heading?”

God has not said anything yet… keeping me curious and focussed, trusting in Him.

This book will be about Grace and Mercy from a Dance minister’s perspective.

I pray God will be glorified through this book too.

Thank you Lord.

Rainbow… My covenant with you, my child

The rainbow.. as God spoke to Noah: my covenant/promise I make unto you,  my child.

The rainbow.. as God spoke to Noah: my covenant/promise I make unto you, my child.

My second book “Let the Levites dance!” is done and with the editor. Glory unto God.

In writting this book, God took me on a road trip through the Bible (largely the Old Testament) and the Torah… I am amazed. God is not using the word “Covenant” loosely! HE means every word in the Bible – the promises in the promise. The covenant of all the covenants combined. This is too big for my human mind to comprehend.

The Old Testament is speaking of the Old Covenant the Israel nation had with God. The Levites and priest had their God defined purpose in the Tabernacle and the Israel nation. Fast forward to the New Testament… the New Covenant, through Jesus Christ, we can go boldly before God, and surrender ourselves to Him (no need to sacrifices). We become the living sacrifice unto Him.

This morning driving to work, I saw 3 rainbows overlapping and somehow intertwinned each other; like a dance. In the background Juanita Bynum was singing “In Your presence, that’s were I belong”. How I want to belong/dwell and stay there and seek Your face. Despite the daily challenges, let nothing alter your covenant with God – You are with us, and paving the way for us.

Many a times, people think of the goldpot at the end of the rainbow. A quick solution to our temporary problems. I do not want that! I want relationship, intimacy with God – in His presence… And I know that I will step forth in victory.

May you dwell in God’s presence. He has a covenant with you: Psalm 91:1 ~ “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

A promise in a promise; a covenant with you!

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Let the Levites dance!

I spoke yesterday to a born again colleague of mine… it will be the Jewish new year tomorrow. And the year speaks of so many promises. We might not be Jewish, but we celebrate with our brothers and sisters, as they come to know Jesus as their Messiah!

She did not welcome this remark. And I think many other born again Christians don’t see themselves as brothers and sisters to the Jews or any other religion or nation. Having said this, I think Jesus made no distinguish between the Pharisees, Jew or gentiles – Jesus loved them the same. He had a heart for the people.

I pray that as a dance minister, you heartbeat will be that of Jesus Christ. A heart of flesh – for the people – to reach to God’s kingdom.

I finished my second book: “Let the Levites dance!” The Levites were set apart by God to fulfil a specific purpose towards God, and the Israel nation. In the same manner, we are called by God to be (dance) ministers for His purpose, and we might no longer stand under the Old Covenant, as the Israel nation then, or the Levites, but through Jesus Christ, with the New Covenant, we are able to go boldly before God, and be a minister.

Dear Dance minister, take up your rightful place and minister.